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Using more than +840 realistic voices from +135 languages and dialects, you can quickly create realistic voices for any text.

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Text to Speech Benefits

Enjoy the full flexibility of the platform with ton of features

Over +840 Voices

Any text can be converted to speech utilising TextToSpeek's +840 lifelike voices from +135 languages.

Full set of SSML Features

letting you have some say over the spoken version of your content. This covers tempo, pitch, loudness, and other factors.

Various Audio Formats

Use this simple text to speech converter to get the audio version of your document in a variety of audio formats (MP3, WAV, etc.).

Over +135 Languages & Dialects

Are you trying to find a solution to translate content into 135 different languages? TextToSpeek is the only place to look.

Download & Share Results Easily

With just a few clicks, you can now quickly turn text into speech and download it as an MP3 file.

Standard & Neural Voices

When using TextToSpeek, you can now select from a choice of conventional and neural voices.

Accurately convert text to speech powered by leading
Cloud AI Technologies

Text to speech (TTS) technology has advanced in recent years, becoming more potent, precise, and realistic-sounding. TextToSpeek TTS system can produce extraordinarily realistic and lifelike voice as a result of the development of top cloud AI technologies.

Unlimited Use Cases

Create any type of audio content as you prefer

YouTube Narration
Using TextToSpeek's tool and a variety of SSML voice effects, you can quickly create excellent YouTube narration audios in any of your favorite languages.
Sales Videos
A trustworthy voice is necessary for a successful sales video to convert viewers. We provide a range of SERIOUS voices that will grab your interest and gain your trust.
Training Videos
People prefer FEMALE voices for training videos, according to numerous studies. For your training or demo videos, Our Text To Speek product has a range of FEMALE voices.
News Narration
Are you looking for an easy and efficient way to create professional news narration? With AI-powered technology, you can now generate accurate and high-quality news narration in any language of your choice! 
Create Audiobooks
Have you ever wanted to make your own audiobook but didn't know how? Now you can with AI-powered software that makes creating audiobooks fast and simple. Learn about the advantages of using AI for creating high-quality audiobooks in any language, allowing you to bring your stories to life!
Customer Support
Are you looking for a way to provide your customers with the best customer support? Now, you can do it faster and easier than ever before with AI-powered software that creates professional customer support audios in any language!

Over 840+ voices in 135+ different languages and dialects

The list of languages is updated frequently. The synthesis
of existing languages is also continuously being updated and enhanced.

German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Tamil, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, Mandarin, Danish, English, Icelandic, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Welsh, etc

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We have you covered.

Deep machine learning is used by TextToSpeek Synthesis to examine human voices, speech patterns, intonations, and other linguistic expressions.
AI voices can now imitate human speech and sound incredibly natural thanks to neural deep learning. Depending on the usage, a variety of AI voices can now replace human voices.
The most prevalent learning difficulties among pupils are dyslexia and other disorders dependent on reading. Our text-to-speech solution facilitates any reading, helps with exams, and encourages independence, making learning more approachable.
Any literature that students need to read can be read aloud to them so they can follow along. The ability to read the text visually and audibly frees up the student's attention to concentrate more on understanding the material. Reading assignments are made easier by additional features including the dyslexia font, adjustable reading speeds, and highlighted text.
By inputting a written script and having an AI voice read it aloud like a human would, users can make voice-over using text-to-speech technology. You can download your script as an MP3 Audio file, which can be utilized in videos and other forms, once the script has been completed and a speaker voice and reading pace have been chosen. However, not all text-to-speech programs permit the sharing of produced audio files. Users must make sure the text-to-speech program they are using is designed for commercial, business, or public usage if they intend to disseminate their audio files. Illustrations of Commercial Use

- YouTube and Podcasts
- eLearning Content
- Company Training Videos
- Product Explainer Videos
- Advertisements.
- Upload text files and download audio books.
TextToSpeek is a cloud-based program, yes. There is nothing to download or install because everything is hosted on our servers.

TextToSpeek can be used on a desktop computer, an Apple device, or even a smartphone.
YES! You receive automatic updates for free.

Since everything is kept in the cloud, you will automatically receive any new updates that are released.
You don't need to worry about manually checking for updates because everything is hassle-free 100% automatically.
Yes, TextToSpeek allows you to generate voice from the text in 135+ different languages, including English: Swedish, Turkish, Welsh, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Icelandic, Mandarin
Type => Convert => Play audio.

For the perfect voice-over for any kind of content, follow these 3 easy steps. Choose the voice that best suits your specific content type and tone of our growing collection of 550+ voices in more than 75+ languages. Either type your script into our workspace or upload it as a file. To make the voices even more animated and lifelike, adjust the tempo, emphasize certain syllables, and experiment with pauses.

Yes, you can always pay a little extra to increase your plan.
You could also choose to just upgrade your current bundle by choosing one of our prepaid options.

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